The 4Cs of Your Diamond Engagement Ring – Which is the Best to Consider?

So, you now have to buy a diamond ring, and also you hear in regards to the ‘mysterious’ 4Cs of Diamond throughout the market. Though diamonds appear comparable, there are a few attributes and components that distinguish them. These components and traits make them distinctive, extra particularly, to the customer.

On this article, you’ll be taught extra in regards to the 4Cs of a diamond, which incorporates reduce, colour, readability, in addition to carat weight. These are actually probably the most basic options to think about when shopping for a diamond. The essential a part of understanding a diamond’s worth is to know its 4 attributes, and right here is how the 4 attributes examine to at least one one other.


The reduce is undoubtedly a very powerful C. A diamond sparkles as a result of how nicely it’s reduce. It takes a talented craftsperson to transform a tough stone right into a faceted decoration. Thus, be able to pay extra for a wonderfully reduce diamond. However how does a diamond’s reduce regulate the brightness of a diamond’s sparkle?

Nicely, it entails lots of geometry, math, and angles. However in easy phrases, it entails how the sunshine will get into the diamond in addition to how brilliantly it displays out. When a diamond is reduce too shallow, the sunshine reaches the underside and barely mirrored.

With a deep reduce, the sunshine displays sideways. Observe, a diamond sparkles extra if it has a perfect reduce. Out there, brilliance, dispersion, and scintillation are the three fundamental phrases that describe the end result of sunshine on a diamond.


Shade is a ‘complicated’ C and the second most vital side when selecting a diamond. As a purchaser, it’s common to get drawn to the flicker first, after which the colour later. Are you conscious that it’s unusual to come back throughout a diamond that doesn’t possess any colour in any respect? Often, diamond is accessible in just about any pure colour like white, grey, brown, pink, and inexperienced.

The colour scale is a typical side for grading diamonds, in accordance with GIA (Gemological Institute of America). The institute grades colour from D to Z, the place D is probably the most colorless, and Z is brown or yellow. D is the perfect grade, however you’ll be able to nonetheless select a colour H choice.

The distinction between one colour and the opposite shouldn’t be seen to the bare eye, but it surely considerably impacts the diamond’s market worth. It’s thus advisable to have a look at the diamond in pure mild to establish its ‘real’ colour.


Readability is the ‘hard-to-see’ C and the third most necessary characteristic to think about. Readability signifies the diamond’s inside purity. Inclusions and blemishes are the 2 fundamental points that decide the readability of a diamond. Merely put, an inclusion is a flaw that develops in a diamond because it’s shaped.

Normally, the inclusion might look like a scratch or little mark contained in the diamond. The variety of seen inclusions beneath a magnifying glass determines the diamond’s readability.


The consumers generally come throughout the phrase ‘Carat Weight’ after which suppose that it defines the diamond’s precise dimension. However carat denotes the diamond’s weight and never how large the diamond is. The upper the burden, the bigger the stone, and the upper the price. Observe, a one-carat diamond equals to 0.2gms.

Different Elements to Take into account

When buying a diamond, it’s advisable to think about unbiased certification as this ensures that you’re getting a top quality diamond. The 2 main establishments that assist in diamond grading are GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and AGS (American Gem Society).

The Variations between Diamond’s Form and Lower

Though individuals use the form of the diamond and reduce interchangeably, it’s important to notice that they refer to 2 various things. First, a reduce evaluates a diamond’s mild efficiency and is based on a mixture of points like symmetry, polish, and proportions.

The form, alternatively, is related to the diamond’s define. Whereas the spherical sensible form is the most well-liked available in the market, there are completely different shapes to think about like a princess, emerald, oval, marquise, asscher, pear, radiant, cushion, and coronary heart.

Our Verdict

Whereas the 4Cs are astonishingly helpful, it’s not advisable to buy a diamond with no certificates. The form and dimension can undoubtedly have an effect on the specialty and uniqueness of the diamond. For an unbiased and real supply of information in regards to the diamond styles and sizes, go to Pricescope – an unbiased diamond and jewellery discussion board.

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